When it came time for these three beautiful girls to hang up their school bags, I wanted to photograph that friendship. A record for them of those special lazy long school days. Thank you Hannah, Georgia and Tayla for allowing me to follow you around. Sorry not sorry  for the swearing, I get a little bit excited as you know! My golden words to you.......


The long summer days are endless, the days are filled with promise and the excitement is building. Your last days of school were overflowing of tears and happiness. The education you received was not only in the classroom but the lessons you were given in friendship as well. There were dramas worth an Oscar award, quickly forgotton only to be replaced by an emergency within your squad. The forgiveness after a petty squabble. The honesty to share and to listen. To walk beside each other accepting ones strengths and weaknesses. To laugh uncontrollably over that one time of shame that taught you a lifetime of lessons in one fell swoop. To pick each other up when trouble is at one's door. To believe in each other when others are trying to pull them down. To make up one's mind without predjudice and input from others. To be strong when we are weak and soft when it is time to agree to disagree. Friends will come and go - some will stay, others will fade. Smile for the memories that play like a movie and be grateful for the ones that stick by you. 

Big Love Carmen