YOU ARE ENOUGH - Be Fearless & Have Courage

You are enough, Be fearless and have courage: I look over all the portraits that I have taken of you over the years, and I feel incredibly blessed that I have these images - These photos are the story of your life recorded through my eyes. You are ready to embark on a whole new chapter and embrace the positives and negatives of life. We are getting to the end of yet another year and this brings the end of High School for us. Tayla and I are lucky that we get to spend a lot of time on the road together and on these road trips we get to discuss a minefield of topics close to our hearts. Nothing is off topic! Tayla has decided to take a gap year and will further her education in 2017. This was a big decision as many of her friends are off to varsity next year and the pressures of going against the grain was not a light decision but we are very proud of how you handled it. In fact I would have to say that your decision to work for a year and be financially independent is worthy of credit to who you are. You are not the type of girl to be handed everything to her on a silver platter, nor are you spoilt. Everything you have, you have worked for the long hard old-fashioned way. Our role as parents are there to support and help out when we can. I have to say I think I was more worried what people would think of you taking a gap year! But thank you for the lesson you taught me Tayla, That it is not how quickly we get to our destination but the thought out plan, hard work and steps of how we get there. To see your growth this year has been rewarding beyond expectations, academically taking out Excellence in Graphics and First in Graphics further securing where you are heading in your career path. Another thing that stands out is your ability to get along with everybody. You are one of the most kindest people I know. We are extremely proud of you - stay true to who you are, you are enough and remember "THE SUN,MOON & STARS" you can have it all*