Alicia & Bevan

Today I got to hang out and connect with Alicia & Bevan. A typical winter day here in Blenheim - a tad bit chilly but we had a blast.  Alicia and Bevan value the importance of having photos done, so that one day the kids can look back and see their parents as they grow old. Alicia and Bevan have been together 12 years, they know each other well and have that comfortable ease around each other.

Cafe Home is one of their favourite coffee houses and that's where you will typically find them on a Saturday morning. Everyone has a little ritual on a Saturday, Bevan's is reading the newspaper and Alicia enjoys her habit of fine coffee which she will freely admit that she is extremely fussy about! Once your out and about one must use this time to have a look around the local stores and a little retail therapy. Thanks to Cafe Home we were allowed to shoot there privately.

Our next location was out at Rarangi Beach and though it was cold it was beautiful at the same time. Alicia and Bevan were troopers and their love and bond is evident. Both confident and up for most of my sugestions. These two were pretty real and were a perfect mix of sexy, super snugly and playful.  We were nearly done but we took a break and were able to have a hot coffee and a change of wardrobe.. Thank goodness I actually packed the flask and cups this time! We were sort of chasing the fading light at this point but managed to grab another 15 minutes of photo's. To be honest I really wish we had stayed and hung out for more I was having a friggen great time. Thanks guys enjoy your images! 

                                                                Carmen  XO 





Woman in winter jacket -cafe-window
Couple- holding -hands -in- cafe- window
Couple by car drinking coffee
Couple holding each other Rarangi Blenheim
Alicia and Bevan, standing together Rarangi Beach Blenheim | Carmen Peter Photography.jpg
Alicia and Bevan Winter Portrait Session Rarangi Beach NZ | Carmen Peter Photography.jpg
Bevan and Alicia Winter Portrait Session Rarangi NZ | Carmen Peter Photography.jpg
Alicia and Bevan Portrait Session Rarangi Beach Blenheim | Carmen Peter photography.jpg