Taylors Pass - Cooper Family Farm

Last week I discovered a little gem of a farm up the Taylor Pass road. The farm belonging to Mr & Mrs Cooper of Marlborough. It was one of those moments when you bump into someone a complete stranger and end up at their place for a cup of tea. Now don't be alarmed I just don't rock up to a complete strangers house without doing any sort of risk management first - yep in the 10 minutes that we were chatting on the road, I had found a common ground and decided that I liked this person and that he was not in any way a mass murderer of any sorts! I feel lucky that from my background of growing up on a farm that I find it easy talking to people that I've just met.(I probably talk far too much) and hence, that in my job, and as a wedding photographer it all comes rather easily having a conversation with people I've just met.. I find it reassuring that in today's world that something we took for granted back in the day that we can meet someone and trust them. We have met so many interesting people, that we might not necessarily have met if we sat in our own bubble. Could you do this? I challenge you try it at a cafe, strike up a conversation with someone. You might just make their day!