Little Girls and Their Horses

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love horses and that love has never disappeared. It never occured to me till just recently why am I not photographing them more. Horses have always been a huge part of my life and I remember my very first pony called Popcorn, now it's every little girls dream to own their very own pony and I can't express deeply enough the wonderful memories of growing up and having a pony in one's life is. Rewarding beyond imagination. The smell the feel and love one learns from their horse is never forgotton. 

I was lucky enough to ride to  primary school daily from the farm with a friend. This sure beat the bike ride on a dusty gravel road and over hills. The good old days when life was easy and the summers lasted forever. Days consisted of riding over to other friends farms, cross country jumping around the farm. Dad used to find new jumps appear faster than the old John Deer tractor could go! Pony club, shows and eventing were what I lived for.  I gave up eventing for some time while the girls learnt to ride. But it remains the one passion I regret not continuing with, but I found new ones and have those incredible adventures and memories to last forever. 

I discovered these two quietly enjoying fresh spring grass. Of course the littlest was the bossiest and ruled the paddock. I was lucky enough to get some kisses and a hug in exchange for a carrot or two a chat and a good rub. The little pony loved the head scratch the most.