Life around Me, finding the hidden pockets of Blenheim.

It seems like ages since I went exploring. Today I felt the need to be outdoors and in search of some inspiration. While I had plenty to do at home, I needed some alone time and time with my thoughts and camera wherever I happened to end up. I love photographing buildings like the one here located on the other side of the train tracks. I just imagine what this building has seen in it's lifetime, I can also envision that it has some life left in it still. This I reckon could have the possibility to be one of the coolest bar/cafes in the area. The ideas are endless. I'm so intrigued with old buildings that it has become one of my many obsessions and I know that there are so many more out there for me to discover. Don't take the old for granted, they hide many stories, take a look around hopefully many will still stand long enough to be appreciated. As I sit here and brainstorm a plan for this place and scribble ideas on paper I forsee it as a studio apartment, a Photography studio or quite possibly the place to be for local's to be enjoyingr a meal and a few fine local vino's. Something a little different and unique to fit it's life on the other side of the tracks.