Melbourne 2017 - Oh Melbourne How We Love You!

I can't even explain how much we were looking forward to our trip to Australia. After what seemed like waiting forever, January finally arrived and we were off to the Australian Open!! This trip, our flight was without drama and leaving us the whole day to settle into the apartment in St Kilda. Our booking via AirBNB was just the amount of perfect for us and ideally located a three minute walk from Acland street. St Kilda beach was a five minute walk from our apartment and we spent a lot of down time there. The cafes and bars in St Kilda are all worthy of working your way through each and one of them - Favourite cafe/bar #95 - seriously go there.  Our first game for the Australian Open was a night session and Andy Murray did not disappoint. The light and music show at the beginning was amazing and the village within was incredible. Next time we will without a doubt be there for the final.

Shopping in Melbourne is sensational and one would be hard pushed not to find something to add to the luggage. DFO was our first hit for Tayla and I while Phil was entertained on a tour of the MCG. Now I'm no slouch when it comes to shopping but Tay won first prize. If you are in St Kilda my favourite store there was "Instore", again a boutique store with many OMG moments and do you ship internationally? And in saying that, I have since brought from them since being home. On the hottest day 37 degrees we went in search for "Chadstone'" ummm bloody hell! Wow it was a "New Zealand mall" on steroids and I think I covered 70% of the stores. What does a husband do whilst the girls are shopping? Well he goes to the movies of course. A total of over six hours spent in a congrete jungle you lose all sense of time, rather like being in a casino really. You really can get lost and a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of choice. But I can say it was a success and David Jones was on sale!! Though again Tay outdid me in the money spent! Haha your going to be a student this year. The Victoria Market is another must and did not walk away empty handed. Yes I managed to bring a cowhide home, very big but a real steal from the worlds funniest Asian, of course would not lie to me - apparently this cow hide is going to bring me immense luck.  On a sadder note we were in the centre of the city close to Bourke St when it unfolded. At first we thought it was a terriost attack but an Italian family looked after us and news filtered in that it was an attack from one person and not terriost related. Our sympathies and hearts go to the victims and their families. Melbourne was shut down and travel out to anywhere was a mission. I cannot for the life of me think why someone would hurt so many people and cause so much devestation.

Werribee Zoo, took us about and hour out of Melbourne but with the many trams, trains and buses it was closer to an hour and a half. The trip out was an interesting one. At one point I was ready to grab an Uber......are we there yet!! The open safari zoo did not disappoint and the scenery was magnificent. My favourites of course were the Giraffes.

Eating out is never difficult in Melbourne wherever you turn there are choices after choices to tempt even the fussiest of diners. Favourite place would have to be "Day Of The Dead" on Fitzroy Street, a wee Mexican Cocktail & Tapas Bar. Check it out on my instagram page. Cocktails there are off the chart! The food will leave you wanting more. The service from Scotty and the team are what you don't get anywhere else, I promise.  I just wish that my big camera was there with me. Il Tempo in Degraves Street was another great find and their Chicken and Mushroom Risotto was an Italian win. Running with the Mexican theme we found Cantina in St Kilda where the Tequila was a treat and the food flavours of a mexican feast. Favourite cocktail Mexican Colada" coconut infused tequila, popcorn & pineapple. Topilinos on Fitzroy is a great place for some pizza and a cheeky drink or two. These are just a few of what we experienced and it would be a challenge to not go back to them and force some new experiences next time.

Eureka Tower, I nearly bailed on doing this but thought if you die your dead - so what! We were  packed into an elevater like little sardines and some smartass says at floor 15 "If we fall now...we're all dead" But 88 floors up and the views made you forget about everything else. We were lucky that it wasn't too windy and while it was busy, we found it easy to have acess without having to fight for it. The view from up there is incredible, and made me realise that my bearings were slightly off and my compass clearly broken. But thanks to Google, Tayla, Phil and I really didn't have to worry about navigation. If in doubt get an Uber!!

Flinders Lane & Degraves Street, The iconic Laneway. Art,food, atmosphere - What can I say we love it and it never dissapoints.