In The Neighbourhood

It's the simple little things in life that keep us grounded. Sometimes those are the very things that we take for granted. We forget to take the time and to be grateful for even the simplest little pleasures in life. It has been just over a week since the earthquake struck us here in New Zealand, which seems so long ago. The days after the quake, many felt like life was a bit of a daze. We have all been affected in one way or another but life continues and we just keep on being. While there has been many hugely affected in unimaginable ways  there is also a positive shift in the  way that I've seen more humanity and forgiveness in people post quake. The willingness in some to show a a more vunerable side and just generally coming together more and looking after one an another. It's incredible that life does take on a normality again and we look forward to our crazy busy lives filled with the up's and downs that life throws at us. We all cope differently, and that's okay. I'm grateful for family and friends that are safe, possesions can be collected again. I thank those family and friends for their caring love and support. It takes a little time to again venture past the safety of leaving home and to not think of the "what if's". So my therapy was to head out with my camera and see the beautiful in my neighbourhood. This is where I live, this is home and I love it!